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AutoWhatsPy doesn’t even open a browser window and works in the background. And it’s open-source.

WhatsApp. Source: Pexels.

Lothar Collatz, two years after receiving his doctorate, introduced the idea of a conjecture in 1937. Mathematicians still couldn’t solve it.

Visualization of Collatz Conjecture of the first 50,000 positive numbers. Source: Self.

“Mathematics is not yet ripe enough for such questions”

Infinity means something without an end. But, is there something bigger than infinity?

Numbers: Source: Pixabay.

A deep dive into how math keeps your data secure.

Public Key Cryptography. Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange.
Source: Pexels.

Apply to be a writer for the Wisest Friends publication.

Apply to become a writer.

Rules and Guidelines:

  1. Only submit unpublished articles to Wisest Friends.
  2. Use proper tags in your articles.
  3. Articles can be completely unplagiarized (up to 10% plagiarization can be allowed).

Subject Preferences:

  1. Science
  2. Mathematics
  3. Technology
  4. Programming

Just fill up the form to apply.

Different people might have different opinions, but I’m a big fan of Terence Tao, who is probably the greatest mathematician of this decade for me.

Paul Erdos and Terence Tao. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Train a model with your dataset to detect plagiarisms in texts

Source: Pexels


Client-server model. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

About a century ago, we thought that he was wrong! But now…

SPOILER: It’s not an article on atoms.

Pinacoteca Querini Stampalia — Leucippus — Luca Giordano. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

I’m not kidding. Read this article and find out for yourself.

Source: Pexels.

“Math is the reason the universe sings in a symphony. It is also the reason I shat my pants back in school”

~Samrat Dutta (June, 2021).

“Mathematics is the…

Samrat Dutta

Developer, designer, writer, data analyst, AI enthusiast.

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